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« April 2019 »

Born at Aalst on 16 June 1952 Dennis Van den Bossche has passed his higher middle education at Oostakker. Only in drawing could he then entirely express himself, so it spoke for itself that he would study further at the academy of Aalst, department plastic arts. Then he went to Sint-Lucas the institute in Brussels where he graduated at the department publicity. He then followed drawing the naked model at the academy of Aalst. Engaged socially from his youth the training in the nursing drew him, so that he also passed this training this and later became a docent. He also started to be absorbed in the realisation of sculptures in bronze, nevertheless all that time he remained faithful to its first love, painting. He is since then appreciation in several cities of Belgium. Work has even been bought by the state.


In his latest paintings Dennis Van den Bossche proofs he has perfect control over the glazing technique. As base couth he usually uses green earth and sketches out the drawing of the subject. By this he knows exactly how to manifest the subject in different layers of paint. With a philosophical touch he knows how to capture his inner movement. Masks and African colour aren't strange to him. On the contrary one gets the impression that not only Picasso loved these colours and these thematic. Van den Bossche's work has been unbreakable linked with people. The symbolic of the "egg", as the cradle of living is geometrically developed. The whole gets a sublime irradiation thanks to the solidarity with the cosmos and is appropriate use of colour. One could categorise the oeuvre of Dennis Van den Bossche under 'magisch-realisme'. It takes a little effort for the viewer to get the message the artist wanted to display. But the revealing of the underlying story is a reward on its own. The spectator has even the space to add his or her own interpretation. The artist gives high importance to the form of communication. Once you've get emotionally evolved with the work it's not much of an effort to like and appreciate the work. No where in his work can you find aggression but nevertheless you can discover the underlying tone of the imperfectness of our society. Van den Bossche has a message; he knows how to translate this with technical convenience never to serious but always on the dot. None should be amazed that with the same drive he creates stunning sculptures in bronze. (F. De B. - 1999)


Van den Bossche’s work keeps multilayered information hidden from the spectator. He successes in combining after weeks of work reality and fiction into a speaking painting. His artistic maturity slowly grows to become a harmony of inner movement of a captured impression. With a certain lyric picture speech he knows how to give artistic notice, compensatively and intuitively image strengthened. In the world of substance and artistic techniques Van den Bossche is at his best. Disconnected form all focuses he let’s his viewer enjoy his serene creations. (F. De B. - 1999)